Extraordinary Canadians: Season Two

Biographies with a twist. Canada’s greatest writers rediscover the lives of Extraordinary Canadians.

In season two of this acclaimed television series, we travel throughout the country, learning about more of the Canadians who have shaped our nation and lives. From the father of Universal Health Care to the man who coined the ‘Global Village’; from Quebec separatist leader to beloved hockey star, the second season of Extraordinary Canadians is bound to thrill, inform and leave you asking for more.


Daniel Poliquin on René Lévesque
Joseph Boyden on Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont
Douglas Coupland on Marshall McLuhan
André Pratte on Wilfrid Laurier
Vincent Lam on Tommy Douglas
Charles Foran on Maurice ‘Rocket’ Richard

Praise for Extraordinary Canadians’ first season:

“one of those all-too-rare explorations of Canadian history and culture” The Globe and Mail

“the 12-part series lives up to its title, both in terms of its subjects and their stories. ” Montreal Gazette

“The visuals… are equally stunning, both the archival and recent footage, and the editing is exemplary.” Calgary Herald 

“Eccentric genius, recluse, hypochondriac. Canadians may think they know who classical music legend Glenn Gould is. Mark Kingwell begs to differ. Kingwell, an author and associate chair of philosophy at the University of Toronto, will offer a more textured view of Gould as the series Extraordinary Canadians debuts ….” Toronto Star


6 x 30 minute biography series for television